• Give the gift of peace & serenity

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Give the gift of peace & serenity

What is a WorryRing® ?


Relax your body and mind and let your spirit soar high

WorryRing® is made of the finest quality jewellery grade 925 Sterling Silver with beautiful Moonstone & Amethyst gemstones

Aside from there spiritual properties this rings is extremely stylish and sophisticated. This ring also makes the perfect gift for a loved one as it is trendy and fashionable yet spiritual and meaningful.

How to Measure your Ring Size :

How to use your WorryRing® to meditate, reduce stress & anxiety.

Our WorryRing® is based on the ancient Tibetan Prayer Wheels. The practice of turning the Prayer Wheel, or even wearing or having in one’s home, is said to be of immeasurable benefit for oneself and others. Buddhist teachers and the ancient texts explain the profound benefits of the Prayer Wheel for its power to quickly harmonize the environment, enhance compassion, encourage a peaceful state of mind, and assist practitioners on their journeys to enlightenment.

When you spin the band it helps create a calming effect, helping to focus your thoughts as you turn the band. In the past, you might of found yourself fidgeting in search for some comfort; playing with your hair, fiddling with your necklace or you are riddled with negative thoughts in anxiety inducing situations. Our WorryRing® gives you a point of focus, and a less obvious way to move your hands in those times that you feel you need to. Simply turning the band with your fingers, with slow deep breaths can wash a calm over you.